This is the blog for our holiday in the United States/Canada in the Fall of ’08. We try to keep everyone up-to-date where we are, what we are doing and what we saw during the whole day. We also try to post photos.


Why in the world would you need to cover your holiday in a blog? Why the the effort?
I guess there are a couple of good reasons to do it. First of, I’m a nerd, and I really do like to blog (or more general: I like to write stuff).
Second: What better way to keep everyone back home up to date? No more complaints because you didn’t send lengthy emails or describe everything in detail over the phone.
Third: To give other people inspirations where they might go one day (and what they shouldn’t miss when there).
The last reason, and maybe the most important one, is that keeping this blog means remembering more of your time spent. It’s like a travel-diary, but with photos. I often find myself reading my old posts, even the fairly trivial ones, and the posts here will keep the memory of a beautiful holiday alive. Let’s face it, how often have you gone through old photos/slides and asked yourself “What the heck were we doing there? When was this photo taken? Why does xy look so very tired?”. Well, no more, now the story is kept with the photos and in chronological order too ;)


I created the banner of this site myself, after a lot of cursing and fiddling around with Gimp. The photos were taken from flickr, and due to the sheer amount of photos I had to view I forgot to make a note of the URLs :(. But all the images were licensed using the CC-by-attribution license, so if you happen to know the author just drop me a note and I will include a link.