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Day 25 – Provincetown

October 10, 2008

Day 25 - ProvincetownToday we spent our second day on Cape Cod. We started a little later and first had a look at the nearby Hyannis. Hyannis has a very long Main Street which is full of shops for about a kilometer up and down. It wasn’t that spectacular so after looking at all the shops we drove back north, stopping at our hotel to drop some groceries. We continued on Route 6 towards Provincetown (which, surprisingly to me was about 33 miles away). Provincetown sits on the northernmost part of the cape and is one of the “bigger” cities. It has a lot of really small and chaotic aligned streets and is packed with shops and restaurant, as was, even now, still buzzing with activity. This also means that it was harder to find ones way and to get a parking spot. After strolling up and down Commercial Street we already had enough and left for the north shore, near Race Point. We discovered the most beautiful beach there and immediately sat down to read a little. It was already getting late and we still had some driving ahead of us in order to get back to the motel, so we had to leave this nice spot.
Day 25 - Provincetown
Tomorrow we will leave Cape Cod in the course of the day and will spend our last whole day in the US.

Day 25 - Provincetown Day 25 - Provincetown Day 25 - Provincetown Day 25 - Provincetown Day 25 - Provincetown Day 25 - Provincetown