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On the road again

Day 12 & 13 – A boat cruise and Kingston

September 28, 2008

Day 12 - Kingston
The last two days weren’t really that exciting, which is why I’m only designating one post for them.
On Saturday we left our little cabin, had breakfast at the harbor and then went on to Rockport. There we took a 1-hour boat-cruise around the Thousand Islands (yes, that’s were the salad-dressing got its name) which let’s you see some of the expensive houses put there by millionaires on both sides of the border. Getting the material there certainly is one big challenge, and I can’t begin to think about how they manage to get electricity and water supply to these houses. Unfortunately the boat was packed with asian tourist. Now, I don’t mind asians, they’re friendly and small, so they don’t block your view. But I can’t understand why they have to take a picture about every 20 seconds, and not just a picture of the beautiful castle, but nooo, it always has to have grandma in front of the original motive, occupying about 90% of the image frame…
Anyway, we drove until Kingston (along a very scenic shore-drive) where we visited the marine museum (and the icebreaker Alexander Henry).
Day 13 - Arriving in Toronto
On sunday we left for Toronto, again along the shore. Prince Edward County was especially beautiful, and worth a trip. We even had to take a ferry at Glenora, which is free and just takes about 5 minutes to get to the other shore. But even in the 10 minutes we waited some nice canadian people walked up to our car and we had chat. We picknicked in Cobourg and then took the highway into Toronto. After securing a room for the night we drove downtown and right through Dundas Square, which is as close as it gets to Times Square in NY (Toronto is often used for filming scenes which are set in the big apple, which didn’t surprise us). We walked around town for about 2 hours and watched the sun go down and the bright TV-screens and ads light up, which was really amazing. What we immediately noticed is how clean Toronto is, even in corners where you wouldn’t think so. Satisfied we returned to our (also clean and nice) motel, to embark into the city tomorrow morning.

Day 13 - Arriving in Toronto Day 13 - Arriving in Toronto Day 13 - Arriving in Toronto Day 13 - Arriving in Toronto Day 12 - Kingston Day 12 - Kingston Day 12 - Kingston Day 12 - Kingston Day 12 - Kingston