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Day 3 – Salem & Route 1

September 18, 2008

Day 3 - Salem & Route 1Today we left Boston, as predicted, and headed for Salem. The drive there was short and pleasent, and we found a parking space directly opposite the visitor’s center. Salem, borrowing from the Freedom Trail, has its own red path which leads visitors through the city, although it is somewhat chaotic, often branching of in two different directions where it clearly should be going straight and not having many information points. At the end of the self-guided tour (which was still nice, although we got pretty sick of all the dozens of witch-museums/stores/nail-studios etc) we decided to visit the Salem Witch Museum.
Day 3 - Salem & Route 1After Salem we drove around Cape Ann, which is said to be of similar beauty like Cape Cod (I will tell you if that’s correct when we get to Cape Cod ourselves). This was definitely the best part of road we saw today, and with a speed limits of about 25-35 and virtually zero traffic we crawled around the peninsula and took everything in. After Cape Ann we continued heading north, with the intended destination of Portland, ME. We took Route 1, avoiding the I-95 and its turnpike-section in NH and Maine (we weren’t in a rush, and although Route 1 isn’t the prettiest, it was still nicer than taking the Interstate). We stopped when we saw the Kittery Trading Post, an outlet store very similar to L.L. Bean’s (although an employee assured me that the service in Kittery was way better). We got some nice things which were on sale, browsed their enormous inventory and had a look at some of the thousands of rifles and shotguns they had in store. Having gone through our first outlet-shopping-spree (Freeport is closing in too), we decided that we wouldn’t stop until we reached Portland and managed to get a room for the night.
So, now we are at the Motel 6 in Portland, quite tired, again, and without Internet this time, which is why you’ll be reading this post at some future point ;)

Day 3 - Salem & Route 1 Day 3 - Salem & Route 1 Day 3 - Salem & Route 1 Day 3 - Salem & Route 1 Day 3 - Salem & Route 1 Day 3 - Salem & Route 1 Day 3 - Salem & Route 1