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Day 20 – Yale University

October 5, 2008

Day 20 - Yale UniversityOn our second day in the beautiful state of Connecticut, we had a look at New Haven (which is just a really short drive from where we stayed last night). So, since we got up early, didn’t have breakfast and checked out early, we arrived in the city when mass was still on in every church and the streets were empty. Also, the tour we wanted to take to guide us around Yale University was scheduled for 1:30pm. We killed some time by walking around the nice inner city, already saw a lot of university buildings and a map which showed us just how much of the city is occupied by the university. When we realized that we couldn’t spend the whole time wandering around (it was raining too), we sat down in the nearest coffee-shop and read for a while.
The tour, like at the MIT, was provided by volunteer students. After a short film about Yale (like an advertisement video), we headed into the “campus”. And I can tell you that even after seeing the MIT, Harvard, McGill and the U-of-T, Yale was in no way boring or same-old. The architecture here was quite different from the rest of the buildings, aiming for old Oxford and Cambridge-like style. Nevermind that most of the buildings were erected in the early 1900s, and that in order to make them look that old the architect burried the stones and shingles in a river, and poured acid down his big clock-tower. The Sterling Memorial Library is what impressed me the most. It looks exactly like a cathedral, everything that is except the tiny details, like not having christian motives on the windows but little people reading and doing science. The inside is simply overwhelming, and so is the library further downstairs and the reading rooms. Katrin and I were more than just jealous.
The only downside is that Yale offers a liberal-arts education only, which did not sound like I was gonna like it ;)Day 20 - Yale University
Today it’s gonna be Mystic Seaport, and tonight we’ll probably be already in the state of Rhode Island.

Day 20 - Yale University Day 20 - Yale University Day 20 - Yale University Day 20 - Yale University Day 20 - Yale University Day 20 - Yale University Day 20 - Yale University Day 20 - Yale University