Katrin & Jojo

On the road again

2 bus-rides and 2 flights later…

September 16, 2008

Yes, we have arrived. The check-in at DUS was a no-brainer and we were through the bag-drop and security amazingly fast. The flight to Heathrow was on time and quick. In Heathrow we just had to go down one level to get a bus connecting us to Terminal 4. The bus-ride (with only 2 other occupants) was almost longer than the flight to London itself (or so it seemed) and we saw quite a lot of Heathrow. After that we boarded our flight to Boston, which left on time and even managed to gain a few minutes in the process. Unfortunately a woman about 4 rows in front of us managed to poop herself during the last 1 1/2 hours and the smell from there on was almost unbearable for everyone in Economy Class. All the stewards/stewardesses diverted their complete attention to cleaning up the lady and the mess she left behind (they even took apart her seat), and when we finally landed in Boston we had to wait for the paramedics to come in and wheel her out (since when is soiling yourself a medical emergency?). Anyway, after that we had a nice chat with the people from border control, had our fingerprints taken and a photograph made and were finally able to claim our bags.
We then took the shuttle to the Alamo office where the only lady at the counter told us that the car we had booked would be way too small for our luggage (2 people, 2 bags). She kindly offered to upgrade us for a mere $15/day, which we refused. When we got outside the people giving out the cards told us that our size (tiny) wasn’t available anymore, so we got upgraded (free of charge) to a nice sportscar (4 doors, woot!) with a spoiler. Expect photos tomorrow ;)
Now we’re in our Queen-Size bed and it goes without saying, quite tired. We’ll keep you posted.