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Day 4 – Freeport & Bar Harbor

September 19, 2008

Day 4 - Freeport & AcadiaToday we left Portland early, not wanting to see the city itself but rather visit Freeport early. In Freeport we first paid a visit to the Visitor Information Center where we chatted with two nice ladies who not only told us what to do in the city but also where we should stay when we went up to Acadia National Park. After that we started our little shopping tour, with the first waypoint of course being the L.L. Bean flagship store. You can sign up for tours too, but unfortunately they are offered only on weekends, so I didn’t get the chance to participate in the clay-shooting trip. Afterwards we looked at the shops around Main Street and managed to get some really nice bargains (think of stuff which is already cheaper in dollars than it is in euros in Germany, then take into account that the dollar has a lower value than the euro and finally consider the 30% discount on most of the items ;). When we were done in the city we went back to our car, which was parked next to the Freeport Community Center where they have cheap coffee and free internet (didn’t have enough time to write an article though).
Day 4 - Freeport & AcadiaAt around half past one we left Freeport, since we had made a reservation at the Edenbrook Motel in Bar Harbor for two nights (and this is a place I can recommend without hesitation: cheap ($55/night), clean, big rooms, close to downtown, family-run). We arrived in Bar Harbor earlier than anticipated (didn’t visit the Desert of Maine). The lady at the check-inn explained to us that on Desert Mountain Island (the island Acadia National Park is on) there are free shuttle-busses, so we took one which took us to Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor itself is two things: a town with a very high density of motels/hotels and also a town with a lot of seafood restaurants. We walked around town until we found something not that expensive and had a nice burger with french fries (my 0.3 Budweiser cost almost half as much as the meal). Coming out of the restaurant we immediately realized that we were farther up north as it felt quite cold.

Day 4 - Freeport & Acadia Day 4 - Freeport & Acadia Day 4 - Freeport & Acadia Day 4 - Freeport & Acadia