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On the road again

Day 15 – St. Jacobs & Heidelberg

September 30, 2008

Day 15 - St. JacobsAfter a nice breakfast we left our room in Toronto and took the 401 West (again), and switched to Route 8 at Kitchener. We took the 86 north and the exit at St. Jacobs. Although dubbed the german capital of Canada, from the road it wasn’t really visible. We didn’t visit St. Jacbos directly but intended to came back later. First we wanted to secure ourselves a room for the night, which we did, and now we’re in the “Olde Heidelberg Motel” in Heidelberg, Ontario ;) (they even have a town called “Breslau”, and seeing as there once was a “Berlin” here it’s kinda funny ;). After we got the room, we got back in the car and returned to St. Jacobs. On the main street we looked at all the stores (which weren’t that many) and took the tour of a small, but very well done (and free) Mennonite museum, which (in film and writing) explains the heritage of the Mennonite faith (and the status quo of Mennonites and Amish). The other part of St. Jacobs (with the market and the factory outlet “mall”) is 3km away, so we drove there. It was a little bit disappointing since the mall didn’t really have that many stores and bad ones at that. Anyway, , we bought some groceries and then went back to our hotel. Not quite hungry yet we decided to take a walk around town (chances are always good to see Mennonites on their horse-drawn black carriages, and we did a few times). After that we had schnitzel with sauerkraut, fries and the local brew (brewed at the Olde Heidelberg, you can see the machinery in the entrance).
Tomorrow it’s Niagara Falls, so expect nice photos again ;)

Day 15 - St. Jacobs Day 15 - St. Jacobs Day 15 - St. Jacobs