Wow, what a year. It’s already over, time flew by really quickly. So it’s time for another recap of my photographic year.


I started the year by upgrading my EOS 400D with a shiny new EOS 60D (Blog-Entry). I wrote at length about the vastly superior ISO quality and the video mode, and I have made extensive use of both features.

Spaziergang Lousberg Spaziergang Lousberg Katrins Abschlussfeier

Wandering about, Lousberg, Aachen


I shot a few birthdays in February. Additionally, I took my 60D out in the field on a winter-wonderland hike near Monschau. It was just Katrin and me and we hiked through thick snow for a few hours without seeing anyone else. Definitely something I look forward to again next year.

Winterwonderland in Monschau Winterwonderland in Monschau Winterwonderland in Monschau
Winterwonderland in Monschau

Winterwonderland in Monschau


Not much in March. We went through Eupen, Limbourg and Verviers (all in nearby Belgium) in one day, mainly cause I was a little restless and wanted to shoot stuff. Unfortunately these cities look a little dreary this time of the year. I was in Paris on a conference but didn’t take along my DSLR but instead only photographed using my really crappy mobile phone camera. Last time I was going to be in that position… I also went on a heli-ride near Aachen, but it was relatively unspectacular.

Kleine Belgien-Tour

Opera house in Verviers, Belgium


Nothing major, some birthdays and the usual amount of parties ;)

Recent Party Shots ;)


On our annual may-day hike (think beer + dense forest) I didn’t take along my DSLR and regretted my decision afterwards. All the time I was thinking about something more compact than a 60D + lens, yet with similar image quality. One day later I went by the shop after work and snapped up the Fujifilm Finepix X100, and with it the most fun I ever had with a camera. I also blogged about the little wonder that is the X100, and to this day still stand by every line of praise sung for this photographic gem. Interestingly enough, the X100 also made me appreciate the strengths (and weaknesses) of my 60D even more. It also taught me about the importance of post-processing (or “developing”) my photos.

X100 Self-portrait
Construction site

The Fujifilm Finepix X100


I shot about a thousand photos that month, and all of them with my X100. Part of the reason was that I only took this camera along by choice, but I also had it with me on occasions I would have never taken my DSLR (small parties, weddings in a church, a wine-tasting, during a soccer game). I started experimenting with photo editing software this month, first trying to do everything on Linux so I wouldn’t have to switch computers.

Wedding in Aachen Wedding in Aachen
Wedding in Aachen

Wedding in Aachen


Once again, the X100 was the only camera I used this month. I was in a TV studio as a spectator (and for technical assistance) and nobody minded me and the funny looking camera. During our annual cocktail party I was able to grab some amazing shots from the light-filled stage, something that would have been lost with a DSLR and a flash. And then, at the end of the month Katrin and I went to Paris for a few days. This was truly the highlight of my year so far.

Paris, Tour Eiffel Streets of Paris Paris



Relatively uneventful. We rode through Aachen on our bikes and I took some nice shots of old churches / buildings, but that’s about it.

Aachen, Rathaus Aachen, Rathaus Aachen, Türelüre-Lißje



Just one event in September: Our Canada vacation! We flew to Vancouver (on the west coast) and drove around in our usual fashion, trying to get a look at everything at the expense of sore feet. I thought long and hard about which camera to take, and in the end I brought along my 60D and my X100 ;) This was the only sane choice, and I didn’t mind the weight at all. When hiking on rough trails and trying to get shots of the landscape, the 60D would be my first choice. Photographing the plate of sushi in front of me at the restaurant: Nice and inconspicuous: The X100.

Day 10: Lake Louise & Moraine Lake



Birthdays, parties, that’s it!


Not that much except a very nice hike through the Hohes Venn near Malmedy (Belgium). This time I was really happy to have brought along my 60D and the versatility of my 18-200mm lens to create effects not possible with the fixed focal length of my X100.

Vennwanderung bei Malmedy Vennwanderung bei Malmedy

Hohes Venn near Malmedy, Belgium


I was on two private parties where I wasn’t sure how much people would mind my camera. So I just took my X100, and people didn’t mind ;). A few days ago I shot my first wedding as the solo photographer. Sure enough, it was a favor for a friend, and the stakes weren’t that high since it was “just” the civil wedding, with the real wedding still to come. I went the safe (and boring) way, taking my 60D, the 18-200mm (my only zoom lens) and my flash plus batteries. The photos turned out great, in no small part thanks to some gentle postprocessing.

When Christmas came I was so wired camera-wise that I brought along my X100, my 60D, my three prime lenses and flash, and I managed to use all of these! Christmas (and the year 2012) was truly saved.

Zeche Zollverein

Katrin, Zeche Zollverein, Essen

New year’s resolutions

I’ll try to keep up the steady pace of taking, editing and uploading photos that I began in the latter half of 2012. I will also work to make this blog more interesting and in general my website more clearly structured. I thought about replacing this blog with a landing page, which would then link to all of my different sites, but I’m still not sure about it. I will hone my skills as far as post-processing is concerned.

I think I’ll solely dedicate this blog to photography, as this has clearly become my most passionate hobby.