Here we go again. With nothing more substantial to blog, I’ll just give you the quick rundown of some of my favorite shots of 2011, at least in terms of photographic technique. Needless to say, only a fraction of my photos make it to flickr each year. I’ll try to sort the shots by theme this time ;) Everything I posted on flickr this can be found here:


Actually, most of the shots are of Katrin since she has the patience for me to try all kinds of silly new techniques ;). I’m not the best photographer for people, but I hope to improve with the fast ISO of my new EOS 60D.

Under my umbrellaUnder my umbrellaUnder my umbrellaUnder my umbrella
105. WinterfestRecent Parties
rwthCTF 2011Indoor - Outdoor PortraitFuerteventura 2011rwthCTF 2011
rwthCTF 2011Fuerteventura 2011


Now, landscapes is what I really like to photograph. Not because it’s easier than people which move around, but because capturing the impression of a clear blue sky above miles of open view is quite a challenge. Looking back at my photos of this year, I like the obvious progression of the seasons.

Wanderung Grenzrouten (Preuswald)
Wanderung Grenzrouten (Preuswald)Wanderung Grenzrouten (Preuswald)Wanderung Grenzrouten (Preuswald)Wanderung Lemiers, Dreiländereck, Vaals
Panorama Herzogsweg
Wanderung Lemiers, Dreiländereck, VaalsEifelsteig, erste Etappe: Kornelimünster - RoetgenMaiwanderung 2011Eifelsteig, erste Etappe: Kornelimünster - Roetgen
Wanderung OrsbachWanderung Orsbach
Wanderung OrsbachWanderung Orsbach
Fuerteventura 2011Fuerteventura 2011Fuerteventura 2011Fuerteventura 2011


Similar to landscapes, but more variety on a small room. In cities I often feel like getting an imperfect shot because of wires running through the image, but that’s just me, and in the end some of my best shots of 2011 were from Berlin and Potsdam. Not surprisingly, I used my Polfilter on my 18-200 mm EF-S all the time, with varying but mostly great results.

Recent PartiesWanderung Grenzrouten (Preuswald)
Sonntag in LüttichSonntag in LüttichSonntag in LüttichSonntag in Lüttich
Sonntag in LüttichSonntag in Lüttich

Stock / Studio / Miscellaneous

I don’t “do” stock photography, but some of my images can be (and have been) used that way. Food could be a whole category by itself, but I’ll just group it here as well. Everything food-related can of course be found on Katrins Blog.

EOS 400D - My workhorse for almost 4 yearsShots of the Xperia Active
Nudeln mit Rucola und TomatenLinguine mit Kirschtomaten
Feigenrisotto mit GorgonzolaBirnentarte mit Ziegenkäse und Senfdressing
Gefüllte TomatenTagliatelle mit Hähnchen und Aprikosen
PizzaKürbisrisotto mit karamellisierten Walnüssen