Sant Antimo, Tuscany, Italy

I love traveling to foreign countries and places. Each journey has broadened my horizon more than anything else. After some time you start to realise that traveling creates the kind of memories that stay with you for a lifetime. Standing on the top of a mountain you just hiked, exploring the narrow city streets of an Italian village and enjoying the food wherever you go. A lot of this blog documents places I went. Photos can aid in remembering even small details about each trip, adding a bit of text to them fills in the blanks not caught on film. I used to think about blogging as something I did for others to partake in our journeys, but lately I realised that blogging makes sense even if you’re the only one reading the blog-posts later on.

For two of our big trips to Canada and the United States I created separate blogs. You can find them here:

New England, Fall 2008

Our first big trip as a couple. We flow to Boston and explored a lot of New England as well as Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto. This vacation would set the tone for our vacations: Little advance planning, renting a car and seeing a good mix of cities as well as beautiful landscapes.

British Columbia & Alberta, Fall 2012

Shortly after graduating from university we went on vacation to the Canadian west coast. Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Rockies and a lot of National Parks marked the highlights of this trip.