IMG 1566The second day has just begun in terms of the congress schedule. I feel really confident that i will see a few lectures today, which is partly because im really fit again thanks to almost 12 hours sleep in a real bed with real sheets. It might also be because i got to shower this morning. I showered yesterday evening as well, so this makes it a new record for my congress visits. Right now fw and me are sitting in the upper ring between the NOC/POC and the Wikipedians. There is an annoying phone which rings every two minutes and noone seems to answer it, but thats okay, compared to the Hackcenter, where we spent most of the time since we arrived. I told myself that i wouldnt go back down there again, since its just so hot, overcrowded and quickly becoming really dirty. The climate up here is much more comfortable, and you can even look outside. I hope ill see some interesting lectures during the day so i can report about it later.