Congress is coming along pretty good so far. But there is a downside. About 5 hours ago my wallet was stolen (well, i suppose it was since i went the 50m back where i could have left it and it wasnt there). Yes, it happened inside the BCC, and no, it wasnt checked in at the Infotresen yet (and i suppose it never will). This really sucks, and i cant stress this enough. There was some money in it, which doesnt bug me that much. Whats really annoying is that with the money a lot of other things have vanished, like my ID, my drivers license, and a lot of other important documents which puts me in a somewhat critical situation. I can remotely understand how someone thinks he needs to steal money, but even people sinking that low should have the decency to return wallets to the Lost and Found… Btw, if you happen to find it (Black 4You Wallet), please contact me here or return it to the Lost and Found.

Nevertheless, i am not going home like some people already did but ill try to enjoy the congress anyway. Weather forecast annouced 15cm (or more) snow this night for Berlin, if this should really happen we might see many more people sleeping in the hackcenter i think.