BoredomSo, finally we arrived after about 6 hours of driving. Flo fell asleep for the last hour or so, but i woke him up early enough to enjoy some highlights of Berlin at night.

We started in meors at about 6 pm, took a little detour right at the beginning (damn you A45) but then we drove straight through, only stopping once in some little hill-billy nest somewhere near Hannover, where they didnt seem to have any winter-service. My mum called about 100km before Berlin, telling me that they had announced some nasty snowfall in Berlin itself, but when we arrived i was a little disappointed, because those “masses” of snow wouldnt even bother anyone back at home.

Right now im sitting in the Lounge of the BCC, the bistro, whatever. There are already quite a few people here and most of the critical systems (entrance tickets, lighting, food) seem to be running, but, same procedure as every year, the Wireless DHCP network is not functional at the moment (thats why im writing this locally ;).

More updates later.