So, replaced the Strauss Greatest Waltzes and Polkas with something more “adequate”, i.e. the Hackers OST ;). I told myself that i have to get into the congress fever tonight, since the last few days have been quite relaxed and very christmas-y. I think some of that stuffed turkey is still spinning in my tummy. So here we go…

I just noted all the stuff to-bring in an internal wiki for fw and me, and yes, nerds do have to remind themselves to bring stuff like a toothbrush and fresh clothes for _every_ day. Tomorrow im gonna do another thorough check of my car, a Ford Galaxy which has served me well for the last congress, but has been parked for almost 8 weeks now since im in Aachen most of the time. Additionally, it was buried under aprox. 50cm of snow for a week and yesterday when i popped the hood i noticed that my all-time-favorite marten (zu Deutsch: Marder) really enjoyed the last couple of weeks… Well, nevermind that. I even got my winter-tires mounted the day before yesterday. Looking at the image made me not regret it.

Right now we are thinking about when to take of from Moers, reading last years “blog” was really helpful. I think we gonna do it like last year, except one day later this time. You might ask yourself why one would start driving at 8 pm and thus arrive at about 2pm (comfortable traveling speed of 130kmh, gas is expensive). Well, if you have ever driven to the A2 after midnight, and also during holiday season, you know that you have all the 3 lanes just for yourself, 6 if you count the opposite direction. And in Berlin you dont get stressed by a lot of traffic while finding your way to the Alex, since the streets are relatively empty. Same at the counter in the BCC. No check-in hassle whatsoever.

Other than that, hmm, whats more to say. Im really looking forward to the congress, spending a little time with fw again and all the fellow nerds that will show up.