Ok, I was expecting a problem when I recently hooked up a second display to my machine. I knew that ion3 had dropped xinerama-support, and that without xinerama you’d get two seperate X-displays which could even run different window-managers but not allow for moving windows in-between. What I had totally forgotten (haven’t used two displays for a long time) was that there is TwinView. With TwinView the X-Server just sees one big screen (in my case 3200×1200) and so there are almost no problems. But wait, you might say, what about windows which stretch across the screen, doesn’t that look stupid. Sure, but I totally forgot that with ion3 you can just tile your workspace vertically and it is tiled exactly in the middle. Problem solved! Ok, if you hit ‘f’ in mplayer it maximizes to both screens (which in most cases is unwanted), but if you have one workspace which just has a “fullscreen” frame on one display you can just attach programs like mplayer to those windows. In case you’re wondering, here is how your xorg.conf should look:

Section "Device"<br /> Identifier "geforce"<br /> Driver "nvidia"<br /> Option "DPMS"<br /> Option "NoLogo"<br /> Option "TwinView"<br /> Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP,DFP"<br /> Option "MetaModes" "1600x1200,1600x1200"<br /> Option "TwinViewOrientation" "RightOf"<br /> EndSection

Your mileage may vary. By the way: nobody really needs this much screen space ;)