I had vpnc 0.4.0 running until now (frankly because it worked and 0.5.0 didn’t when I first installed it via portage). Since I was on that shaky WiFi-connection for the last semester I was accustomed to my connection dropping quite often. Now that I am running on DSL (which doesn’t even have a 24h-reconnect) the connection shouldn’t drop at all. But it did a few times yesterday (few being less than before, but still not necessary) and thats because i switched to vpnc 0.5.1 now (amd64 btw). So far it seems to be really stable, and should handle the rekeying well, I hope the connection doesn’t drop _at all_ anymore.


I just noticed that I was still using the “MoPS” IPSec-ID in my vpnc.conf (and the standard vpn-server) while there is a dedicated server/id for uni-dsl users. Maybe this will help too. I’ll keep you posted.

Update 2

Well, there are still some dropped connections from vpnc. But it is listed as a TODO on the vpnc website, so I guess this is not unknown. Using the Cisco VPN-Client on Mac OS X I didn’t encounter a single reconnect yet.