This is our travel-blog for our 2012 fall trip to Western Canada. We are Katrin and Jojo, in case you didn’t know us already.

Day 17 - Adirondack National ParkWe really like to travel. For one thing, we like to look at different places around the earth. But probably more importantly, we really like to eat, and what better excuse is there than being on vacation.

You can also have a look at our travel blog about our 2008 fall vacation in New England and Canada. After 28 days, 2800 miles, six US states, two Canadian provices and hundres of photos it was nice to have some kind of written account about what we did each day. Reading the entries on the blog now takes me right back to our time on the road and the hiking trails. The written text tells a lot about things that happened between the photos things which could not be conveyed otherwise, like the weather or our own mood.

Writing a daily blog on the road does take some effort and determination, but in hindsight I did not regret it one bit, for the numerous memories rushing back to me whenever I read the old posts. So the decision to repeat this kind of travel log on our journey through British Columbia and Alberta was a no-brainer.

Technical stuff

This blog used to be a standard WordPress installation. It has since been converted to a static Jekyll page. The theme was once called “fallseason”, but I modified it heavily to suit my own needs. I upload my photos to my flickr-account, but you can also view them on the Photos page, where I use the Photonic plugin. I also use the JavaScript hyphenator and Google Webfonts (‘Open Sans’ for the body and ‘Cabin’ for headings). The photo in the header was taken by Paxson Woelber and can be found on flickr (CC Attribution License).