Two Ducks in Bear Country

Katrin & Jojo in Western Canada

Day 3: University & Squamish

September 11, 2012

Kitsilano Beach

Today we drove to Hertz on Granville to pick up our car. After some waiting, and a free upgrade, we drove away with a cute Mazda 3 (don’t really know how that is an upgrade, but I’m glad I didn’t see our intended vehicle size). Before we had strolled along Granville Bridge, waiting for the car.

Day 3 - University & Squamish

The first thing we did with our new car was head right back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and then we drove out of downtown and into the “real” Vancouver, which is south of downtown. We took the Burrard Bridge and kept on heading south until we came upon the 16th Avenue. This road (west) took us straight through the beautiful neighbourhoods in Vancouver and the University Endowment Lands. On the way back we passed (among other things) Kitsilano Beach, where we hopped out for quick look around.

Looking towards Squamish

By now it was past noon and we still had to stock up on groceries. So we drove straight through Stanley Park, over the Lions Gate Bridge and into North/West Vancouver, where we stopped at the first mall we came upon. With a lot of blueberry-induced food (yoghurt, cupcakes and bagels) we felt safe enough to make it all the way north on Marine Drive and the 99. We stopped a few time, mostly for the absolutely stunning view across Horseshoe Bay. Our final destination for today was Squamish, where we had booked a room and are now planning our trip for tomorrow.

Kitsilano Beach Kitsilano Beach From Granville Bridge Kitsilano Beach Day 3 - University & Squamish Day 3 - University & Squamish Looking towards Squamish