The post with details about our 2014 US East Coast vacation will take some more time, I’m still busy uploading the best photos to flickr in small batches.

There was is one photo that stands out though, and I knew it was special the second I took it. This was when we were leaving the Adirondack Park (New York) towards the Canadian border. It was the height of the Indian Summer, with lots of people stopping on the shoulders to take photos of the foliage. We had stayed in Lake Placid and stopped a few times while still in the park on our way out. One of those places was Saranac Lake, where there is a small parking lot next to a boat landing site. So I took the photo below and did not have to edit it one bit. I posted it to flickr (and a few flickr groups), and lo and behold, it quickly got a lot of views. It got so many views that it was featured on flickr explore, an automated list of the 500 most popular photos on flickr for each day, woohoo.

Saranac Lake, NY