Aachen Lousberg

When I was younger I hated the summer (or let’s say I preferred winter). That was because in winter you had a reasonable explanation why you would sit in front of your PC all day long instead of going outside to play with the other kids or generally to “get some fresh air”. Now that I don’t have to explain myself to anyone anymore and that I’m bound to a desk by my studies and my work (and my hobbies as well) I can’t wait to prescribe myself a lot of fresh air. Having said that I’ll post a few pictures (the sky may already be blue, but don’t let that fool you) for those of you who couldn’t make anything of the last few posts here ;)

Christmas 2008Two of a kind
Altenberger DomSamstagsspaziergangAachen LousbergAachen Open 2009
RumpusAachen Lousberg