Aachen Open 2009

Speedcubing is something that has been gaining considerable popularity over the last 2 years. Just recently Pro7, a big TV station in Germany, did a short piece (Part 1, Part 2) (between “how to open a bra” and “how not to get a cold”) about fw and a few friends of him, calling him the “Keimzelle” (the one who got it all rolling) of Speedcubing in Aachen.

So, with a big number of people already Speedcubing in Aachen, and a very open and nerdy community of students, a Speedcubing competition in Aachen was bound to happen sooner or later. In January of next year it will, and it’s called “Aachen Open 2009”. I’ll leave the details to the website, but rest-assured this is not just a little private get-together, but as official as it gets (they have WCA-delegates) and the orga-team would like to see new faces, be it people already proficient or just starting out. I’m also gonna be there (doing my painful 2-3min. “solve” of the 3×3×3 ;), so you know there’s gonna be someone who will suck more than you! ;)

You can sign up for the event until the day it starts, but it would be a lot easier on planning if you did it as soon as possible.