gitAs you can imagine I have been using git some more since the last post about it (and I’ve even been giving GitHub some more thorough investigation, but I’ll be posting about that later). Back then I already understood most of it (definetely enough to work with it), but just recently I got the feeling of really understanding git, especially the underlying data-structures and the consequences for the (power)-user.

The things that helped me were (besides the git manual which is good, but not graphical, and when it comes to the understanding of the data-structures, having little graphics is a must):

  • Git from bottom up, a cool PDF i discovered on the git-wiki.
  • The RailsConf-Talk by Scott Chacon, who also wrote the PeepCode Git PDF (which I haven’t read due to lack of interest and credit-card). The link points to a video and the slides can also be downloaded as PDF (they are pretty self-explanatory imho).
  • Git Magic, which is a cool guide and pretty well structured.

And for the people who are really into screencasts there is also