HP Laserjet 1320Boy do I hate printers. But there is no getting around it (and I do love printing stuff ;). Ive been happily using my Laserjet 1320 with Cups 1.1.23-r8 on Gentoo, masking any newer versions because they did not work. Well, long story short, today I (accidently) upgraded Cups and the problem I always avoided started showing: Whenever you print something the printer blinks it orange light, waiting for you to press it. After trying ga-zillions of different drivers I stumbled over this tip which worked for me. Yay! I am never going to touch that piece-of-shit-software again until I buy a new printer. For your convenience, here is my ppd which works fine for me (and Cups 1.3.4 by the way).

For completeness sake (and in case the other website goes offline), heres what to do with a crappy ppd:

Edit the ppd, search for the line:

*InputSlot Tray1/Tray 1: "<<ManualFeed false /MediaPosition 3>> setpagedevice"

In this line, replace 3 with 7, save the file and try printing again.