Have i mentioned that i really like Ruby. True, i havent used it that much, so far i have only written a few relatively small Rails apps (where you use Rails methods most of the time and dont stop to think about what Ruby really is) and three little cli tools for classic-addition in pure ruby. But doing these was really fun, since ruby is so simple and follows the Principle Of Least Surprise which goes a little something like that:

Hmmm, ok, i have an array of arrays and need to iterate over each one of them and perform operation xy on each element of the innermost one […] let me just write it down very rough so i dont forget about it. […] ok, all done, like pseudo-code, for fun, lets just start the interpreter and watch how many errors it produces, this can in no way be right, i havent looked in the documentation once, im dont even know if the methods i called do indeed exist (though if they did the way i called them would be the logical name) […] and … w00t? works flawlessly

also the TIMTOWTDI idea works very well, and the fact that everything is an object.