Over the last couple of weeks ive been working hard at improving my workflow on my computer. This started when i installed gentoo on the freshly-arrived-box, then i switched from fluxbox to ion which is way better in every way. Of course ive been a vim user for quite some time now, and when vim 7.0 arrived i didnt hesitate a second to upgrade.

Now, my .vimrc is partly copied from friends who have been using it even more, and to a good extent i dug through the manuals looking for cool stuff to try out. Im still not using the whole edit-compile-run-edit circle, but i will get to that ;). So im gonna post my .vimrc some time in the future, but for now i want to share the following with you:

Have you ever wanted to comment out multiple lines? Like 10 Lines with a # prefixed? Just select the lines in visual-line mode (Shift-V), press : and the command line comes up with :’< ,’> Now you can change that to :’< ,’>s/^/#/ (or use $ instead of ^ for the end of the lines) and be happy ;)