Fun stuff you find out when trying to get into Ruby on Rails. Since the prototype and effects library come with Rails it is no surprise that one stumbles over then at some point (when doing some AJAX stuff for example). Now, i know that there are some cool things out there, but i have never even used Javascript or been very tempted to do so. Well, until now ;). Check out the links below, they do something with the header of the weblog (so, this is only cool as long as this article is on top or when you have opened the article page).

Toggle visibility (Use this when one of the effects has hidden the header)

The following only make sense when the header is visible ;)

Shake it baby!

Fade away!

Fold it!

Shrink it!

This make sense when the header is invisible

Blind Down!


It seems that the Effects are courtesy of, a website dedicated to those effects in RoR/AJAX Environments, which i have visited many times before, but never used their stuff. I can only guess how much cool things lie ahead ;)