Intel Core DuoI know, i basically just aggregating all the stuff already told a thousand times in weblogs all over the world. But i have an oppinion too (y’know?). So, on this years Macworld San Francisco Keynote Steve the Puppet-Master released the first wave of Intel-powered Macs on us. The iMac and the newly born MacBook Pro (yep, i hate the name too, and im still waiting for someone who doesnt). The iMac remains unchanged except for the processor of course, while the MacBook Pro is a pretty beefed up version of the 15″ Powerbook. It features a new power connector, a much brighter display, iSight builtin, yada yada yada. The iMac is available right now and the MacBook Pro will land sometime in February. Pretty cool, hu?

4x FasterYeah, i think so too, the switch to Intel is going amazingly fast (and so far: well). Of course one has to wait and see the applications perform that have not yet been rewritten (Apple-Lingo: Universalized). Anywho, his Steveness’s RDF (Reality Distortion Field) also reached me, and i have been looking at that sweet new iMac and drooling since the Keynote. I know what youre gonna say, and I will definately wait, but i have to get a desktop machine at some point, seeing as my poor little 12″ G4 Powerbook is only sitting on the desk and doing all the workload since its my only machine right now. If only Steve had introduced a new Mac Mini with an Intel Core Duo processor (3-4x faster, remember folks!), I probably would have ordered one on the spot.

UniversalEnough of that now, along with the keynote came so pretty crappy software (iWeb), a lot of Updates (10.4.4, iTunes, Quicktime) and a really good Intel-Apple spot (which was somewhat too self-confident. I mean, c’mon, if those dull little boxes hadnt been performing a lot of dull little task, where would we be today. Not every server needs to be cut out to be a Design-Award-Winning Metal Box with an eye-candy GUI if its just serving web pages). So, big who-cares. I dont think the rest of the Apple Product line will take long before they are transitioned, so im gonna stay put and see what the future (1st April, maybe?) brings.

Oh, and yeah, that banner above my blog isnt there by coincidence ;)