IMG_1667.JPGSo, this is gonna be a somewhat longer entry, i hope. See, the problem with the Congress is that you see/hear/read so much, want to do and try so much and finally end up forgetting 90% of what you wanted to do. Short-term memory loss at its best.

We spent the night on today in the Hackcenter, my back can tell you a story about it. Then Flo and i took of to get something to eat and to find a bank to unlocked my EC-Card which i was returned to me yesterday. We ate a 30cm sandwhich at a nearby Subway, which seemed to be the equivalent of 3-4 burgers at your favorite fast-food-chain. After that, and after not having found a bank, we took of for our hotel to get a shower. This was the first time riding subway in Berlin for me for years (only did it as a child). Although the stations are really filthy and the trains feel like they gonna fall apart any minute its really something everyone staying in Berlin should do imho. Long story short, we stepped out at Potsdamer Platz and took the wrong route to our hotel. But thanks to that we saw a lot of German Government Buildings and even wandered through the Holocaust Memorial which was impressive, though not really fitting its purpose. Imho the designer should have built it like a maze, so it isnt this easy to look outside once your in.

IMG_1678.JPGAfter a really good shower we took the short way back to the subway station (boy, did we go wrong before) and headed back to the BCC. There we bought ourselves the Congress Shirt (looks really cool btw) and went to listen to fd0’s talk on Atmel AVR for Dummies. I think the presentation was really good, you could see that it was a lot more than just reading points from a sheet. Unfortunately I, not having done any assembler programming before, didnt understand that much, and for the people who had already programmed assembler it was to basic (so i was told). But thats no surprise, and having to go from 0 to explaining something like this sure is complicated.

Another thing i have noticed is that more people than i would have guessed are reading my weblog. How? Well, it offen happened to me that i talked to people (sometimes even strangers) and they mentioned something they already read here, or that im being linked, like by the 22C3 Konferenzblogger. Since we moved the apache to a chroot environment recently, thus eliminating perl scripts (i know its possible, but havent had time yet) i miss my awstats and really have no way of telling the popularity of this blog. So please: If you like/dislike the entries here, use the comment function.